Terms and Conditions - Online Booking
Online purchases are non-refundable.
Booking Online:
Please assure that you select the right online category (Adult / Junior) as in case of any mistakes reservations are not adjustable nor refundable.
Check in time:
30 minutes prior to scheduled (To perform the registration). If you do not arrive with enough time for check-in you run the risk of missing your booked race and being moved to the next available race OR losing your reservation with no refund if shifted to the next day. Next available race depends on the volume of walk-in racers and events. It can be up to 3 hours later than your scheduled time.
Each race is 6min long. All races are sold per person and cannot be transferred to another person. Health and Safety: All drivers must obey the RULES of the track – as follows:
-You MUST wear a safety helmet and overalls and are advised to wear gloves.
-You MUST attend the mandatory driver safety briefing when asked to do so.
-ALWAYS obey the marshals instructions – their decision is final.
-OBEY all lights and flags
-DO NOT get in or out of a kart unless told to do so by a Marshall
-Walking pace when coming into the pit lane
-No Loose clothing, sandals, food/drink or use of electrical equipment is allowed. Put all your st ff in your personal locker before entering the pit lane.
-No aggressive behavior Inc. bad language to be tolerated to our staff or customers.
-Spectators and visitors MUST NOT attempt to enter the track unless invited to do so by a Marshall. All safety signage displayed at the venue MUST be complied with
-Children Must be supervised by a responsible adult at all time.
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